the light n text divertge and convertge thru an arquitedctral strucstfuce tgat mutates thru historittoral periods of timr and of techniqs of constrcution and eeengeniring that uniforms in thr palms of mh hand. my hand fingers controlloijg the simulation ans theyr dirty need to w

when ur not in a limbo and shut urself in the face its just gone if ur in a limbo and u do the same the pain of the shut will take as long as the limbo does and thats why i love them sm

the fashion model autistic trans neet combo

sometimes when im wearting phones i can feel little wires going inside ears and into my head and i feel pulses inside my brain that make me feel hands or i can feel code going thru my veins like kind of a morse code and eveerything around goes dark and i can only see my display

a glass half broken

imagine nothing happening, not a single thing, not a single thought or breathe or movement, and the world already being destroyed,ashes. gone forever, all for nothing

unbelievable urge to pull out the veins off my skin one by one

flat chest lives matter

moving my finger across the scroll wheel of my mouse to move the timeline like its my nose snorting a line of cocaine

i was so blind i was so blind. its not art its love its always been love art imitates love reality imitates love theres nothing else

angeldom is when you have every convinction you can fly, and you dont

im the cutie with a bow im the cutie with the wellingtons i fold my napkins for my mom and i have a hidden stool in my room to get to the cookies

i wear my heart on my sleeve but it keeps falling out

wine with tears

gonna become a weird type of transphobe that doesnt believe people are trans and that they were actually born as they gender they identify with now

my dream is for random people to see my pics and tell me to eat a burger

i have extremely fringe romantic interests and am an unrelenting pursuer of the ideal of love

cold boring rain

do you believe in network spirituality do you do you do you do you

sometimes i fall asleep with a smile on my face and wake up with the muscles sore

nails are like little shovels and palms are like little buckets

im a love billionare, i get billions of love every week

remembering the tweets on my old account like im roy batty in the rain

can someone created a flower named livy

i got my father's boobs

listening to techno at candlelight

how many times can you marry the same person? asking for myself

im so cold but im so prettyy

an angel appeared before me last night in the shape of a qr code

facebook is a maligant entity on the internet with the sole purpose of destroying digital angels

theres something addicting to fear that isnt on ur life

i have this constant urge to open my computer and be inside it

She’s Just Got That Particular Type Of Vibe.

im chemically addicted to the cosmic horror

the world was so beautiful before roads and ads and plastic showed up

love the smell of evening in the morning

i am the voice of the machine god

the enemy is all around me (restaraunts, food ads, etc)

theres a girl reading don quixote in the train. it should be ME

fucking crying frucking crying how red are the tulips im afraid

a distance unreacheble, claw claw to no avail . silence and afraid. i talk to it like, a child a baby my baby -- it smiles unsure it laughs confused. i want to caress it i want to keep it safe oh silly me

baby ur so weird and offputting

theres always violence where there isnt love

18 days for spring and flowers and dresses and birds, and a little bit of fun and a little bit of sun

when ur drunk and u see double of everything its not rly double ur seeing both the body and the soul, separated

like if u appreciate reality for what it is and not for what it could be

i love gay peop+le and i love boobies and i love when gay people ar e gay for boobiess and also shoutout to flat chests

when i need inspiration for something i just look at the mountain of dirty clothes at the corner of my room

i love it when u make my pillow vibrate with ur notifications after i go to sleep

i watch movies with the mouse cursor on top of the screen as performative art

love is when u are silly

sometimes i just want to listen to the shittiest quality music possible . sometimes i juist neeed to hear the compression in a 64kbps song and just wince

i feel weird in the bones

when i say goodnight to abby i close my eyes and continue having conversations with her in my head

trans people who arent extremists are like angels without their wings

i hope i die if i ever get heartbroken, i refuse to live in a world where i can survive losing something as special as love

hey guys just a heads up but when abby and i move in together we're gonna delete the internet, like all of it.

happiness and homicidal ideation arent mutually exclusive

i believe in miracles. i think theyre all around us. u just have to go look for them

memory of ashes. fade light a few sticks, they form a shape playful .light shadows . a mother, suffering . . choke paint red tears wall full; kisses memory of. green life ,plough .riding plains. sky light a vision a liquid

i have extremely fringe romantic interests and am an unrelenting pursuer of the ideal of love

im the most gorgeous being on earth and i hate myself

while one world collapses, the other one gets an adrenaline shot

im dating an angel girl from an angel world that was dreamt in an angel dream of angel girls being angels for angel's sake

ive been tried to bleed all the sad out of me when i actually should have be trying to bleed all the bad out of me

i have prophetic dreams that go behind human compreheension. i dreamed the big bang before it happened but when i was living here in the technolgy age. i leave in a constant fluctuation beetween time and consciousnouness while havbing a fixed mollecular syutem n i am not god but

i miss the summer 🌻. and the sun, n the xxanax and the alcohol. amd the constant psychotic breakdowns . and the flowers and the light and the beauty of it all

u make my electronic heart short circuit, dear

i am the one who doesnt

ideally i dont utter a single word in a day. the more words i say the worse the day usually is

i feel the realest when im crying

art can sense fear

i only have  1 byte of memory in my brain and every new thought replaces the other thought i had

im tired and lonely and gay and sober

the words of the prophets are written on obscure forum threads and niche esoteric twitter profiles

gf who looks into the stars, gf who looks at her gf looking into the stars

i love all things in the world equally. except my gf, i like her even more than the moon, than every flower in the planet, than the wind blowing in my face. i love her more than all of that combined

tfw gf and she loves you uncondiotinally and you can tell her about the tree you dreamed about and she tells you shes proud of you

great posting doesn't ask for a attention but its simousltaniously completely unapolagetic

people just say words to eachother and fall in love

i dont remember a single momentfrom my life. i remember the feelings and emotions, and from the feelings and emotions i reconstruct the moment

i think its bullshit that i need to be in pain to create beautiful things.

have u ever cried in front of an animal? there is no stronger sense of perfect alienation and pure understanding

sometimes i just look at a boy like a block of marble and start imagining what the block of marble would look with a skirt and thigh high socks

everytime u save a picture of an e-girl you are building upon her digital shrine

im a nomadic pastoralist. constantly moving. herding my tweets to more suitable environments as the seasons change

abby makes me blush so much i got my cheeks inflamed

she gave me an heart on our one month anniversary

they dont want me to take a little nap they dont want me to be cozy and dream about kittens

if abby was an animal she’d be a flower

when i first saw a picture of my girlfriend my face got so red that i actually created a new color

when i first saw a picture of my girlfriend my face got so red that i actually created a new color

days are for living lives

saudade + dxm + love

i feel warm. and theres an armillary sphere around me i miss my wife a little bit but the winds make it better, i wanna see two little kids playing in my backyard

im manic im power hungry imHYPED i could kill a bull rn and live inside it for 2 weeks

i was born to pick up a flower

wine scratches my soul just in the right place

im reading ancient texts at candle light spirits are touching me

an angel touched the inside of my screen

the candles are burning, a little bird chirping in my ear, the piano keys playing., everything is alright as of rn. a penguin a blinfolded boy noboyd knows about it its okay . an opem plain a farm wheat bread food sustaince aaaaaa its amazing
she gave me a flower in minecraft and then we put our beds next to eachother

thinking about how i love tulips and fresh water and rhytmic sounds thinking about how i love everything and how i love her a little bit more than the world combined

blow out the candles and kiss me

"i could fix her" there is nothing to fix, love her for who she is

thinking about the stars we forget to count

i am love experiencing itself thru the words of a girl

my nerves are fighting my neurons over the control of my body

flow free wind across my ears peace calm tenderness the palm of my hand water falling guitar strings soft cute its lovely is lively alive roar thunder mirror broken fire placed a story two three infinite love my you across the universe

im an angel with no dignity

need someone to groom me to have a personality

im addicted to saying i love you

i suffocate if i dont hear you breathe

theres a fly in my room and im wondering if its the origin to all the sinisters thingsthat have been happening tonight

theres a fly in my room and im wondering if its the origin to all the sinisters thingsthat have been happening tonight

theres a fly in my room and im wondering if its the origin to all the sinisters thingsthat have been happening tonight

i have 3 billioon fairies in my mind

nobody will ever get beauty its beyond us but the closest we'll get to it is by trying

rotating the whole universe in my mind. beautiful voices. trees. waters rivers waterfalls. a baby being born. a fight between two kingdom of ants. still dirt. a fish being hunted by a bigger one. every single blue berry. subatomic particles . everything

yes im a boy. yes im a girl. we exist

white pure white blessing light pureness whiteness and lightness and blessing

let a hundred flowers bloom. let a thousand kittens meow.

i wanna be a non passing trans boy

she e-likes me, she e-likes me not, she e-likes me, she e-likes me not..

im in the woods im eating an apple while looking at a deer straight in the eye. on my airpods plays french jazz from the 70s, ive just been heartbroken too tired to bike back to the city . i have my phone and im sending this tweet out i still love you

i will write one thousand poems for you

pet me hold me say that you love me squueze me tease me stay here beside me

birds chirping eyes burning sun rising im falling .

starve, affirmations, get a boobjob, affirmations

i used to have a boring heart and enthuastic head but it seems as tho they have flipped

i want attention im pregnant coming out as gay look at my cats im depressed im gay again please give me attention

iits literally like talking like breathing like havign a cup of water tweeting breahting i breathe and tweet and have a cup of water sometimes tea anf ccoffee while i tweet and breathe

im not online im on the line i Am the line i can feele everything every bit every byte i can feel all your emotions and frustrations processed thru ur computers i can see every message every word typed .

if a neet falls in love in their room and nobody is online to see it, is it really love?

everythings more beautiful because its already gone

jewelry, jewels, flowers, treasures, diamonds, pearls, jewelry, jewel

butterflies, flowers, hummingbirds, butterflies, butterflies, butterflies, butterflies, butterflies

hello? i love you, i love you, i love you, i love you

there are so many butterflies fluttering all over you, dont you notice them?
i dont need to be cis cause im literally the virgin mary but like gay and and am gonna be inpregnated by God and its gonna be a miracle and my son will be the next abrahamic prophet

im in japan i have a female body i am a cutie i like tea and im annoying

seeing three angels out of one eye and none out of the other

too many things happening around me at all times, i just wanna be cute!!

my dream is to be failed poet

the words that youve said to me will echo forever in my head like a fish trapped in a fishbowl

cutiemaxxing is direcly correlated to crazymaxxing

God was drunk when we made me

im soooo chemically normal

i'm like a boy who is a boy who is a girl

strobe light at 200 bpm, experimental hardcore techno on max volume, one bottle of wine down two more to go. oh yeah its psychosis time

i hate when my body hurts itself. im the one whos supposed to do that to u stupid

i only know two things. being sweet and pre tibial mutilation

rotating little hearts in my mind. they keep spinning off orbit and shattering into the walls of my skull

i,m a drunk with a passion

my eyes are boring and tired

angels with cut feet

im a little goblin running to the streets of tokyo listening to speedcore while being chased by two police offers after stealing pearls and diamonds from your pretty little head in your sleep

i keep visting my government adoption page

cant even traumatize myself in peace

ive never sat as close to the screen as im sitting rn i can see the pixels in your tweets i can see beyond i can see the pores in the fingers that typed your tweets theyre sweaty but.. beautiful

we're all just mutuations of eachother and manifestations of the same one thing really

what is a femcel but a lonely sweet girl in a her room ?

one day imn gonna write an epic poem just like camoes but about gay sex

im so petite and smol and cutesy and a little girl i should be taken care of like a little kitten and someone should breastfeed me a little bit but not too much also id like a 3 floored mansion and a garden for the cousins i make my dreams come true by being so gay fuck u

im so petite and smol and cutesy and a little girl i should be taken care of like a little kitten and someone should breastfeed me a little bit but not too much also id like a 3 floored mansion and a garden for the cousins i make my dreams come true by being so gay fuck u

iim so good at being normal. im just like so naturlly normal yk. i like do stuff and things and yeah man, idk what to tell u. i should go to x factor . just stand there wit my hands in my pockets. ykwim??

afraid of how red the tulips could be

i hate food and sex, i am not human i am uknown everything will collap+se one day u will be here to see it

on my tombstone its gonna be written "here lays olivia. she had no tits or job RIP!"

i cant say half the stuff i think because even i dont understand it

many of you are screendamaged brainwormed blackpilled bc of the intertnet but not me. i was born with it molded by it. when i was 4 i was already saying racial slurs without ever seeing a screen, when i was 10 i already had an attention span of a neet witout eve touching a phone

everyday there are bangers everyday i cry everyday is made of shards evrryday becomes itself every day never changes everyday makes believe everyday we condone everyday is the same everyday

i always sleep with my phone under the pillow so when you message me in the morning the radio waves go right thru my head and make me dream of you

she blinded people for what she thought it was love

i wanna interview you on how beautiful you are

unlike most neets im both hot annd have a trash can

posting is liek drinking water for me its like breathing thru my nose its like having a child and caring for it posting is like hunting and gathering its like sunflower searching for the sun like a baby looking for a boob to feed posting is like the universe ever expanding to me

girls looooove to smile its just so natural to us smiling and giggling laughing a little bit we just cant help it hehe, see!! just giggled myself ^__^ we are creatures of hapiness and cuteness theres jsut something about being a girl no one will ever smile like usss
saw a beautiful pair of hands today at the pharmacy

imagine a girl. imagine two girls even. now imagine theyre together

literally try to hold a conversation with me. i dare you. u simply cannot. im too braindead

i can see inbetween the space of your words

just shy girl living in her own world far away from everything

typing is too hard being on my phone is too hard i wanna talk irl lay down look at your eyes see god in them

im too cute to burn in hell

shes definitely gay you can see it in her ponctuation

everytime a doll smiles her chapped lips bleed

i have a billion hearts and theyre all in my mind

im not funny cause i say funny things. im funny because im real

people ask me olivia what do u do all day and i always tell them the truth nothing nothing at all there is literally nothing in my life except void i just stand in silence looking at a black screen telling myself i exist in the real world when i don’t

nothing ever happened, if u think about it

how do u guys get into situations and events, nothing ever happens in my life

anyone wan be my frien tonite. its jsut tonight i prmise

so many images no matter where i go they feed me and hypnotize me i crave for them i cannot look away these images inplanted in my brain are like are like visions i can see them when i look away i can see them when i close my eyes but idc idc anymore i am made of them

im the gay virgin mary

i am the eternal sleepyhead i am constantly fighting with consciousness like a gladiator in the ring their weapons my eyes they want to close them blind me but i wont let them i am the eternal sleepyhead u never gives up but always loses i keep fighting but they keep blinding me

i am majkabghsujkNADSf love and caring wrthet it be from myself my mother god or the worKDJHGBASUDKJd i have been made to be a loving parent adlsknaKLSDlike a

i am majkabghsujkNADSf love and caring wrthet it be from myself my mother god or the worKDJHGBASUDKJd i have been made to be a loving parent adlsknaKLSDlike a

people just say words and i love it

me: *is olívia*
you: *is deary dear dearest deary sweetie dearest sweetest sweetest cutest darling lovely dearest lovely cutie patootie*

can u guys see the infinite in the finite too or is it just me

we lost the sea to the broken mirrors

this flower is like u

mondays for neets are like saturdays. also tuesday and also wedsneday and thursdays too and fridays

i will offer myself to you in exchange for your love

we’re all just a lot of tiny flaws that make a big nice :)

i always have your chat open so i feel less lonely

i dont get how people are mean, just get sad instead

i guess i could never make the stars bright enough for you

tell me im lovely tell me im in love darling, tell me u are the sweetest thing and ill tell u i am the lovelist

just found one of you is a pretty girl, i am enamored i am entranced i am lovesick

just found one of you got an irl girlfriend, i am appaled i am distraught i am devasteted

i want a life but i dont wanna live it

ur whispers make me shiver like a cold breeze

ill hold the mirror to show u how beautiful u are

what silly little words would make u fall in love with me darling

falling in love is like falling asleep. first u meet the bed, she is soft and caring. you instantly like her. then the feelings hit you, the sleepiness the tiredness, you feel infatuated. you want to be with her, close to her. you resist these feelings, trying not comform, trrying to be free still, to be awake just a while longer. but ur heart is too strong. finally you confess your love by going to bed, you admit that you want for her to be part of you and make one. you cuddle until the next day and create a relationship that lasts forever

i didnt mind being compltely deranged and fucked up but they took that away from me just because

i wanna write beautiful things for you

i throw myself into bed holding a pillow and crying into it my lover followed me but i locked the door, i want to cry alone, think about all the things that went wrong and what i could have done riot im not worry about love rn im worried about something bigger, myself. and i cant help to feel like im not it, im not myself rn, i am simply a reflection of a reflection of a reflection. i feel guilt of not feeling guilt ,remorse ofnot feeling remorse, sadness of not feeling sadness; emptiness of emptiness

i keep forgetting to be happy

i miss me

im too shy to be mentally ill

pretty girls can talk to flowers and listen to their secrets, their little flower secrets

my giggles are like a mermaid's song

what if we were two doves in the sky looking for land to settle

im the purest most loveliest girl on twitter. its just sooo natural to me to be normal and nice ... im like soo good im like so ethereal and real im Soooo real and then, the most perfect amount of sadness :), just to put a nice ribbon it :))

i think its cute when two girls are nice to eacother

a sax, two doves, a rose, a veil, two lovers, a marriage, a life, two rings, one love, one female and, a male

what is there but love affection and care

i am sad but things will be good, i just know it. theres such much beauty, in her still, in me still. in everything aroudn me. i am not enough crazy i havent even scratched the surface i will be so good i will be so clean and everything is gonna be alright for us

i got a lace around my heart made of spikes

do u miss the mystery or do u like the poetry

staring at the 101 keys on my keyboard wondering what keystrokes would make you fall in love with me

been meaning to love you today

subtweeting is like a secret love letter, i am putting this tweet under ur desk ur wondering who am i talking about ..its a mystery its exciting . u are telling ur friends about it,they giggle with u and wonder along its fun u are blushing and i am blushing in secret w u

libido does not exist on this body i am clean i am glowing im an angel of light my virgnity is sacred my vagina is an ethereal being !! love this life love my body love chastity I AM PURE

i can say beautiful things to you ,if you let me

everytime my tweets are in ur computer monitor i am emiting energy beams for u to fall in love with me. is it working?

starting to love the world again thru the reflrction of ur eyes

i think about u alot. how ur sitting how ur ffeeling , are bored are u mad, are u comfortable in ur chair is it true that ur real is it true that u feel am i wondering all these wonders for nothing or tell me darling is worth the something

im a cute girl i pet every dog i see and kiss my mother on the cheek i am serene i am polite and my shoes are squeaky clean

rotating butterflies in my mind fluttering all over you.

pretty hearts and beautiful souls

im the perfect mix between a creep and a sweeheart

u should tell me im beautiful before iits too late!

i like to invent little stories in my head. were both in a castle its an old one taken by nature its cold but we are together staring eachtoher in the eyes and everything is fine the cold doesnt reach us

u should see me sleep im so cute all snuggled up in bed holding my pillow phone by my side the vibrations hypnotizing me all cozy

sad makes u ugly. i want to be happy i want to be glowing like an angel eternal so sick of being ugly and a downer i want to !!!!!!!!!!

hand holding is a form of art. the way the fingers interlace how the arm positions itself, the sweat forming and uniting itself inside the palms the embarassement of the firs t time the confidence of the last . the awkwardness of walking together and stumbling into things ilove

she/her boy

dysphoria be my goddess

im like sisyphus but instead of rolling an immense boulder up a hill, i am forever refreshing the twitter timeline

im too embarassed to tell my psychiatrist i see angels

im iin love with you tonite!!!!

theres only one beautiful person in the world and its you

autistic bpd transfem lesbian doll shawty

strange being how are u so effortlessly beautiful . tell me ur secrets whisper them in my ear

i bleed strawberries and vomit roses

some hehes here and there never heard anybody ^__^

sometimes i forget that light exists. i dont like to remember it. it gives me hope

i keep forgetting secrets

im the boyest girl in the world im like a super boygirl im like the boys of girls im like a girl if it was a boy if was a boy thats two boys and a girl thats 200% more boy than girl think about it

little hearts here and there never hurt nobody

im not like other girls. im a boy

i wish i was closer to you like two twins who share a heart in the womb

god wont let me die before he lets me hold your hand

some people dont tweet directly from thr heart and that is why they fail

im like sisyphus but instead of rolling an immense boulder up a hill, i am posting

showing my cosmetic surgeon a picture of you

my mom is the big brother, she time travelled from 1984 and gave birth to me and now i have to live with the big brother can u believe that

in the material world, the existance of something presupposes the existence of nothing but the existance of nothing doesn't pressuse the existence of something, both being independent but relational concepts.

google search how to slim down tummy and thighs but keep ass big and maybe how to increase hips and how to stop acne and also skincare tips and hair care how to stop dandruff and where to buy cute clothes cheap but still help the environment<3

the grass is greener on the other side, i am on the twentieth neighbor and he has the full spectrum of light of colors

everything is wrong.. or maybe not; maybe nothing is even wrong in the first place

theres only two people in the wolrd

i hate not being online every second of my life. i also hate it

i have seen everything that has ever existed and nothing is as lovely as you👁️

anyone else forget theyre an actual person existing in the real world

beautiful heartbeat what secrets do you hide what feelings are you experiencing. i can hear your exciment and i wonder if its because im here, its thrilling to think about it and my heart feels the same


ive never understood if i dont exist or if im not real

i got half of each mental illness in the world. . which guess what is 0 mental illnesses

i love your layout would you like to marry me?

my friends are god cute girls are god anime is god my cats are god my posting is god love is god cuddling is god flirting is good everything is god i love god everything i love is god

are u cool are u alright do u wanna talk about it do u wanna be bestifriends and make out oh sorry i didnt mean it that way

need someone to astral project some alcohol into my blood

i wish i had a car so i could drive 40 hours to see a girl

i got the energy drinks. i got the benzos. i got the ccrying. i got the angels. all i need is the g*n

im addicted to estrogen im injecting it in my veins my boobs instantly grow my dick instantly shrinks i love this life

your in her dms. im inside her computer replicating myself by modifying other programs and inserting my own code, we are not the same

eveything ive ever knwon as dissapeared into nothing and all that ive done was stand and done nothng

saving u in my heart for later

*pointing gun to the abstract concept of time* give me my future girlfriend or else!!!!

i hate everything in the world except my future girlfriend

on all levels except emotionally i do not exist

if only you knew how sweet i am

many people ask me "olivia how are u so sweet" and i always say because im so in love with u and the world!!

i will be crucified one day for being so sweet

im everything that once was and everything that will be so when i scream when i cry when i dream when i die im just dust in the wind
im not real u cant kiss me :(

im just nice. thats it . no smart no interesting no funny. just nice .

just met the most interesting person in the world ..its u :)

yesterday we smiled

i could show u my room. dark, sombre awful

pretty little head will u let me see the wonders inside ur pretty little head

so many kisses and mwahs

just realized how fake this all is. were playing a video game with our feelings

i keep deleting tweets revealing my inner truths

im sooo whitepilled im giggling i am smiling sooo much i am happy overjoyed everyhitng will be okay i love this life

life isnt beautiful but its beautiful if u think so

im real im gay im a product of light im normal affirmations affirmations im drained af i become what i am through pain affirmations i will be a corpse someday i will be forgotten i will be remembered

rotting in bed all day not in a mental illness way but in an avant garde lynchian absurdist kafkaesque lovecraftian utilitarian nihilistic post modern way

time is chasing me like a lion chases a gazelle

need a girlfriend who is not romantically interested in me and just wants to do a charitable act
born 2 drink forced 2 eat

who wants to rot with a lost but beautiful girl

youre in her dms i am nothing i am in the desert of the real i am conquering fear i am the god of light i am in love .we are not the same

its boring that nothing ever changes in the laws of the universe, i wanna see light breaches that consume large acres of land, i wanna see travelling so quick it allows for everyone to be physically connected at once, i wanna see the internet having a body and being able to commu

everyday bleeds onto to the next

falling dreaming talking

u have a freckle on your neck, its rather cute

up here, on the internet, we are gods of shame.

if u stare long enough at the timeline u can see God having a laugh at us

im living in your head i know i am i can see myself in your eyes beautiful eyes but theyre see thru. hehe so many secrets in here

any bees or butterflies wanting to polinate the flowers of my mind ?

pls let me see you let me hug you and know you . i want to to feel ur presence, and my skin ur touch. the warmth of two bodies, the violins in our hears in synchrony. a strawberry on the corner of the room, its smell contagious . close ur eyes, let urself fly n laugh

angels dont bleed, they cry blood

we’re all brides in the eyes of God and He is our husband, who we consummate with by worshipping Him

ive lived thi s momemnts more time than anyone can count, this seerene PLAce but of WITCHES, an illusiokn made for i a stuck here. - for the meantime oo.. i can fight by closing everrything ariound me or to go with the flow and strike when the prefect time comez

twiitter 3d is real and i can see it,,,, its fluctuating and being geared by cables and cranes
its windy i.--.-çºlǺººÇºÇººçlºÇºç the infrasttructure is shasking but it wont fall

myy tweets are just like little gasps of wind that my brain sennds to my fingies and then the fingies to the twiitter all littlr gasps of windd and

its noit about getting it anymoreh .its about not not getting it..

youre irony poisoned, im truth delusional. we are not the same

inthe material 🌎 the existence of something presuposes the existence of nothing butthe existence of nothing does not presupose the existence of something both being independent but relational concepts however inthe ideal 🌎 both are indistinguishable and inseparable from eachoth

just heard some1 cock their gun behind my ear turned around and nobody was there, its moments like these that make everything worth it

i need drugs to slow down my thoughts and let them devolep or else im just doomed to half thoughts incomplete ideas, its going liek vrooomvrooomzozozomzooooom and i just cant catch them

im just wanting for the walls to start melting

normalize falling absolutely in love with unknown and ephemeral beauty!!!! im talking about a random person i saw on the street today!!!!!

if a girl is beautiful in her house and no one is around to see it, is she really beautiful ?

beauty is only real when shared

reality hurts when u dont exist
love; Affection, intimacy. long ago, these nice feelings lived togehther in harmony!!!!! Then,,, everything changed when the YEARNING. LONGING ,MISSING attacked

bad girls go to hell, good girls are admitted into psychiatric hospitals
god is real i am real i am normal im normal im not real iam unreal God is not real God is the realest i Am God i am normal affirmations affirmations affirmations;;;

its all real. painfully real, beautifully painfully reeal

i want to live in peace, just blank darkness, no presences

im a fake girl. im a fake girl.... i do fake things and say fake things, . im not real but how i wished to be ... have no strings on me , ,, .strings of the cyber around me. they make me free but only in other peoples heads; wings stuck

my hand was made to be hold ,my eyes looked at,, my outfits seen, my body touched, my lips kissed. etc etc haha :P

i want to be her, i want to be with her; i want to be her, i want to be with her; i want to be her, i want to be with her; i want to be her, i want to be with her.

like a memory, i dream about being surrounded by a fraternal heat in a bed made out of leaves and twigs nested in past bodies, while in reality, i am awake, sitting at the table with my family surrounded by isolated monologues which make me colder and colder

real life anime girls are hiding inbetween the pixels of your monitor and if u take a peek youll they are the fabric of the internet and beautiful beyond your compression

im laughing in your face but you are blind i am laughing in your face but you don't see anything i keep laughing and laughing until i remember: the blind can hear. i was laughing in your face but you didn't care. i was the joke-- i was the joke or maybe it was nothing

i want attention;im pregnant;coming out as gay;i cut my hair;coming out as a trans man;my cats are cute;i want to end my life;im gay again;please give me atention !!!!!!

i need to know your bmi, your weight and height, when you started hrt, your medication, your date and hour of birth, how many people you have on discord, your instagram follower counter, i need your prescription for ritalin and your mother's xanax prescription, i need a picture o

a cyber doll is directly connected to the wired at all times, all her thoughts and feelings, processed thru servers and finalized in whats left of her consciousness

im hiding in your router, im counting all the ones and zeros going in and out, seems like an awful lot, u should go out sometime. yk i can see what those ones and zeros mean right? i could call the police sweetheart, im not threatning you, just go out and have a beer ok
me and osaka listening to vocaloid music while boofing the demon core;3.1-kilogram each of subcritical mass of plutonium entering our lungs .our cells on a molecular scale start forming pentagrams and we start melting into eachother forming an amalgamation of miku and a baphomet

cut my wings watch me fall
space and time will always be the enemy

my insides are full of flowers and butterflies and little bees a whole ecosystem of life . my brain is just rotten mold and decomposing meat

feeling good feeling gay (happy) calm soothing listening to nice music everythings right with the world except its not its okay i am okay rn tomorrow no but its okay i am rn tomorrow idc

i am silly, i am quirky, i am cringe, i am the universe, i am infinite

forget everything youve ever tweeted, the time is now, tweet something that could be a verse from the odyssey, tweet something that simon and garfunkel would sing about, dont be afraid, the time is now, nothing has ever existed, tweet from your heart, k*ll you brain now

trans people only exist online, a cyber event, a contradiction of a concept that not only does not exist irl but has no consequences online. thriving and building and subverting upon it. a virtual bacteria that by mere existing deconstructs reality in its cyber form

what if i knew what i was talking bout, what if i knew what my words meant, would i be able to manipulate them to my desire, would that be too powerful. i am constrained by my own stupidity but even then i am able to thrive in it and exclaim thoughts so stupidthey go full circle

no one ever saw me outside twitter and i think thats beaiutiful. im like the flower that contiues to be beautiful after is has been put away

bblack figures a lots of them r«coming clloser to u they grab u with its sk«lime hand and briing u into a coerner and say LETS BE FRIEND "do they knoe thr conceot ogff being friends) m mmmmm ok leets be frends instantly bllood gore a fireework of blood statrs up out screans n wh

lips were made to be bitten, noses were made to be booped, eeyes were made to look at beauty, ears were made to listen to ur loved ones talk

i am the one who doesnt

theres blood everywhere and i cant clean it

let it flow, ur ghosts and spiris and Soul let then flow
observe them and learn

seeingduble of everyrhin, i can see the soul and the boidy just coexisting i ssee a conflict between thm in most people, wht can u do when thats the case, screan at tgeb justl like aaaaaaa :/// look into urself and ull find «yur soul therte make friend swith ten lets be friends!

i was banished but the angels saved me, they couldnt take me back to heaven so they left me with the witches, now i live haunted. i want to break free, i want to go back to the virtual world

someone rent me . buy me. i dont wanna be mine, i dont want to hav anything to do with this body. pls sign ur name on my chest and free me. u can do anything w it, just

flesh bones blood love

im a doll. im a doll. touch me. i wont feel.

its easy to be a good poster. u just write a normal tweet, and starting adding random shit to it . god works in mysterious ways, u just need to let ur mind bleed into the keyboard , the marriage between language and mind, right here, this is what makes a poster

frens in the puter are real i can feel them i can feel them !!! i just cant see them or touch them or talk to them or hear them or be touched by them or perceive them or

why wont my computer love me

everytime a doll posts a pic of herself she becomes less and less cute

im a boy stuck in a trans woman body

he was so cute she was so dumb they never talked

now i am awake. sober. scared again

typing is too hard being on my phone is too hard i wanna talk irl lay down look at eyes see god in them

my dream is to hug everyone in the world while not being hugged myself

dont use me abuse me

i am a web of lies, constructed by spiders and witches. a gust of wind and im gone

we destroy what others create in order to create what others will destroy

i should hang out more with my tweets, give them a little more attention make them more robust and strong for the wild, its what they deserve afterall. every good tweet is child of an intrusive thought or a motherly care, and id like to strive for the later

some lips were made to talk, some lips were made to be kissed. thats simply how it works


i dont have thoughts i mever have made any reasoning in my life . my head is basically negative space, dark matter , its not only the oppposite of intelligence its not like im dumb , its a complete absence of any form of intelligence. i am just empty void

one day ill be nothing . just a soul, one day. thahts truly what an*rex1a is, the desire to be a soul a spirit a ghost

typing is the modern day brush strokes just like posts are the modern day paintings
i love weirdos i love outcasts and hikis, i love neets, i love people who dont fit in. you are cool as hell and i love you

eyes burn, body aches, brain hurts, heart suffers, soul cries

im way too honest with strangers online but as soon aas i know u a little bit u will never know a single real detail about my entire life
yk how when ur lame and boring u cant even develop romantic feelings for someone? or maybe thats just depresssion idk
yk how when ur lame and boring u cant even develop romantic feelings for someone? or maybe thats just depresssion idk

tonight will be desolate, there will be no words except the voices in my head. i thinmk

im an angel of chaos. i make the little evil stuffs, i giigle and i laugh while i do it, u have no idea! i tweet the chaos bit by bit i cause it and spread all to to make u love it, to make u love the chaos just a little bit at least c:<

the trumpets fill my ears the smoke fills my lungs the drink fills my heart the loneliness fills my soul

im just a girl standing in front of a monitor asking it to love her

everytime an angel cries my sewing opens up a little bit. everytime an angel smiles my stuffing grows. im in a never ending loop of being emptied and filled, like a beating heart.

sitting down, head resting on the table, thoughts scatter around it like little bugs, they eat and they eat and they eat until my head falls over to the ground like a bouncy ball

i dont need beer in a alcoholic way, i need beer in a coping, misunderstood, rebel with a cause, postpostmodern, postalcoholism, drunk driving way mom

i should just do everybad decision i possible can and maybe just maybe God will see me and think "that poor bastards needs a tomboy gf and a milllion dollars in cash fr!!!"

i have flies around my cuts, maybe i should let them lay some eggs, get some excitement into my life, hell i could even say i got pregnant, that would surely be an impossible dream come true

im the only incel neet asexual pan boymoder in a 100kms radius

the excitment that accompanies the pure dread on eating day makes me fcking psychotic

im a boy stuck in a girls body stuck in a girl stuck in a boys body

when i log out , i die . as a spirit i can still navigate thru the physical world ,but i am forbidden to interact w it. i was made and forged to live in the virtual world. likes and bytes are my sustance

i stopped seeing my therapist so i havent been out in awhile but soon im gonna have to go out to see my psychiatrist. the angels will gather around my building and shout "he has risen, he has risen!" while having no idea they are misgendering me, can't wait